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Authorities Tibet Travel Overview – Must-See for Beginners (Part 1).

Climate of Tibet:.

1. Just how’s the environment in Tibet? Is it hot in summertime? Is it really chilly in winter months?

Tibet is in a high plateau, and it belongs to typical downy unique climate. Climates are fairly different in different areas of Tibet. The eastern Tibet which goes to a lower altitude is warmer than western Tibet. In some hill locations, there are 4 seasons at the same time in various altitude. The weather in a day differs significantly, too. The evening is cold while the day is cozy. It covers 12-15 degrees centigrade in a solitary day.

Environment in southeastern Tibet consisting of Nyingchi and Chamdo is balmy with an average temperature of eight degrees centigrade; while in western Tibet (Shigatse and Nagqu) is quite cold with an average temperature level below zero degree.

However in the central area of Tibet, the climate of Lhasa and Tsedang is extra favorable for traveling. Tourists can go to these two areas all year around, not also hot in summer season and not also chilly in wintertime.

2. Exactly how is the road problem in wet season in Tibet? Need I take any rainproof with me?

The stormy period in Tibet is primarily from June to August and it does have an extremely negative effect on the roadways. Nevertheless, there are several track maintenance employees and also regional army would likewise offer assistance to restore the roads. Typically speaking, it only takes a couple of hrs to make the roads possible again. When it comes to the rainproof, you are suggested to take raincoat, rain-proof trousers and also footwear if you wish to hike, climb the mountain or ride a bike. If you have team tours arranged by some travel bureau, usually you don’t need to take rainproof with you, due to the fact that Tibet commonly rainfalls during the night and the climate is rather great in the daytime. Besides, the vacationer bus is constantly together with you.

3. What is the most effective time to take a trip to Tibet?

Usually talking, early April is the start of travel period, which lasts to mid-June when a large number of Chinese vacationers rush to Tibet for summer holiday. Late June to the end of National Holiday is the peak traveling period when some crucial events kept in Tibet, like Shoton Festival, Gyantse Dawa Celebration and also Nagqu equine riding Celebration. After mid October, Tibet counts on wintertime and also as the visitors lower significantly, majority of resorts are closed for the bad reservation.

As for the very best time to take a trip, it depends on your traveling requirement.

1. If you desire an extremely inexpensive rate, go to Tibet in winter, from December to following March. All things are quite affordable; also the visitor websites supply 30-50% price cut on entrance cost. Hotels are inexpensive, as well. You can take pleasure in 5 star hotels with much less than 100USD including breakfast. Compared with traveling in August, the cost of a winter season trip is only 50% -60% of a summer scenic tour. As a result of the poor quantity of visitors, the Potala Royal residence enables you to invest even a whole day in it. Besides, the monks are not hectic as well as have spare time to talk with you.

2. If you like travelling, do it at May or September when the gale will never ever trouble you and also the weather is pleasant and also positive.

3. If you enjoy Mt.Everest and wish to see the clear face of it, attempt to avoid the rainfall season as well as foggy weather.

4. If you love to see the turf land in north Tibet, do the tour in July when the flowers flower in vast meadow and also groups of yak as well as sheep, Tibetan nomad camping tents spread out all over the meadow.

5. Those who intend to drive to Tibet with Sichuan-Tibet freeway ought to avoid the wet period. There will be mudslides, collapses as well as mire on particular areas of the roadway, obstructing the flow of cars.


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