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Even More Worth at Upstream Layer in Innovation Pyramid

Modern technology is the leader of the enterprising globe. And also it leads utilizing a constitution. Unlike the standard political framework, this constitution is Algorithms composed by designers, researchers, etc as well as not congressmen and also political leaders.

The international competitors is greatly who has the very best technical group to create the best one; in this instance, Formulas, that include patents, technological processes, devices, and more. As a nation establishes, embraces, applies and diffuses properly the contents of this constitution, it elevates the lives of its citizens. The even more advancement a nation pursues, the more it improves this constitution.

Financial experts have revealed a connection in between Expertise Economic climate Index (KEI), performance and also standard of living. The obstacle for any kind of country is to improve its KEI number. Doing that includes great education, economic program as well as various other variables that aid to enhance technology capability.

The age of natural resources dominating global commerce and industry is gone. What issues now is developing knowledge and also using it. Some nations will develop, others will simply consume. However wealth is focused at the innovative phase and nations that concentrate on consuming, without creating modern technology will certainly not succeed.

Despite wealth of natural resources, which in lots of circumstances, the consuming nations can not separately process without the knowledge companions will certainly not alter this trajectory of limited national wide range without innovation development.

On this basis, I divide the two layers where countries utilize as well as compete with innovation as upstream and also downstream layers. It resembles a 2 layer pyramid where the downstream goes to all-time low with the upstream seated on top. What happens right here is that some nations focus on the downstream layer while others integrate both the downstream and upstream layers.

One of the most sophisticated nations incorporate both layers as they look for international competition. They give innovation roadmap that takes a look at the future and have plans to take advantages that modern technology brings. They develop and create points as well as in the 21st century are classed as expertise driven economies. In those nations, there is planning for continuity as well as modern technology succession.

For the various other nations, normally developing, they contend at the modern technology pyramid primarily at the downstream layer. They do not have the knowledge to develop things and market modern technology copyrights. The countries are not driven by modern technology, instead products. They are susceptible to trade shocks and are usually financially non-vibrant. They fall short to create wide range utilizing modern technology and participate in the pyramid as consumers or prosumers.

Let me show making use of Nigeria where they talk the language of oil. In the oil sector, there are the downstream as well as upstream industries. While the upstream concentrates on exploration of crude oil, downstream does the circulation as well as marketing.

The cash is in the upstream market, a major reason we have the international companions concentrated therein. That is where the knowledge production is done and also utilized in the sector. I am cautious to say, without the understanding partners in Nigeria, assisting to discover this crude oil, Nigeria can not mine this item. Judgment: the oil will be there and also of no substantial economic use.

This will certainly adhere to a pattern where villages have water beneath them yet no drilling competence to harness the water for cooking and also alcohol consumption. That is the problem of anchoring national technique at the downstream level. It lacks inventiveness.


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