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Tips to Clean Up Your Landscape After A Storm


Storms can be disastrous depending upon the intensity of the storm. Within a few moments, a storm can turn your lawn into something bitter on which you have spent weeks or even months to achieve the desired perfect shape. When the storm hits, the yard is usually filled with debris. The rain makes the lush green lawn into some sort of swamp. So once it is over.

Now is the time to clean up the mess. For that, you need the right set of techniques so that you can handle everything effectively. In this guide, we have mentioned a few clean-up ways to manage your landscape after the storm has passed. To learn more, keep reading.

1. Safety First

Have a thorough look at the outside before you step outside. There might be some damage to the property caused by the storm. The main focus initially should be on the power lines and trees. Make sure that you are not at any risk. In case the trees have fallen, then seek 24/7 emergency tree services farmington hills, mi which is the best and most affordable service in town for its residents of Farmington Hill (Michigan). Similarly, if there is a power issue, then get in touch with the professionals to seek help as soon as possible.

2. Prioritize and Separate

Always start with the plan as it can help you save your precious time in the future. You can start by piling up the debris and then arranging the piles into two categories. One category is garbage. The second category consists of a pile which goes for compostable vegetation. The Storm-up cleaning usually occurs in larger areas. You can categorize the garbage based on what will go for landfills or composting.

3. Inspect Trees and Trim Trees

Once the storm has passed, you might notice a completely fallen tree, hanging branches, a fallen or broken tree-top, a split tree trunk, etc. These circumstances may pose a safety risk. However, a cautious inspection may take a little time but proves to help expose a potential damage or issue. Such issues must be solved before any huge damage occurs. San Diego being at the coasts of the river is usually more prone to storm conditions. If you experience any sort of tree damage that is risky to handle, you can seek professional services from tree services san diego ca.

4. Check Drainage

This is the essential step that tends to be ignored after the cleanup. Nowadays the once-in-lifetime storm events have turned into once-in-year or twice-in-a-year events. After the storm has passed, take photos of the damaged area and accumulated water. These photos come in handy during future disastrous events. The pooling water after a storm is the breeding ground for a lot of diseases and insects. It also damages the building’s foundation and structure. Therefore, take time out to clean the gutters and remove grass, dead leaves, and debris that block the drainage area.


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